Who Are We?

The Daily Basics.com is an online site dedicated to delivering one quick article a day on cooking, house & garden, literature and enrichment topics. The idea is to give you information, ideas and resources to uncover more about that day's topic. We'll send you to the best places to find everything from how to clean your Manola Blahniks, witty car reviews for women, original recipes from our in-house chef to the latest trends in home and gardens.

The Daily Basics.com is also a social animal. We are very interested in getting our readers connected whether it be through facebook or twitter. The Daily Basics Who's Who is one way we want to reach out to help you find like minded folks with whom you can feel comfortable tweeting. It's a big world out there but through twitter you can connect with people in Australia, Ukraine, San Francisco or Argentina and you all might like the exact same things. The Daily Basics Who's Who wants to connect you with others in the home and lifestyle fields through Twitter. For Tweeting vets this is an opportunity to focus your search on some of the most interesting people out there. For newbies, this will ease you onto Twitter and take some of the wonderment out of how to navigate and connect into this social media network.

Cynthia Bogart is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Basics.com. She is a 17 year veteran Regional Editor for Better Homes & Gardens Publications and has been finding trends in interior design and producing many of the articles you've been reading in those magazines all these years. Spotting the opportunities online, Cynthia turned her energies to formulating The Daily Basics community along with a great team.

Andrea Boff Sutton
Starting her career as a Creative Director in Television, Andrea moved to Advertising, arrived early and ready into the world of Interactive and has come full circle again as a Creative Director of consumer centered online properties. An expert of Interaction & User Design she is fresh from her job as creative director for Comcast Interactive Media into to her current job at Yahoo as the Director of User Experience. Her technical and intuitive experience coupled with the core platform of The Daily Basics Who's Who is creating an easy happy experience for those arriving into the new world of Social Media.